I'm Rosalie, here to help you live your fullest life!


I'm blessed to live my purpose: helping sensitive souls cultivate emotional intelligence, heal the past, and create an amazing future!

Obsessed with neurology
+ the Body-Mind complex


Hi, I’m Rosalie!

At One Wellness began as a dream I held as a teen to create a space where people could come to nourish their body, mind, and soul, and feel better.

As a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programing, Mental Emotional Release®, international lecturer and former BodyTalk Instructor for the animal program, my passion lies in being an agent for personal empowerment–leading those feeling chronically stressed and over-burdened, to a reality that’s full of potential, inner peace, clarity, and stepping into alignment with their higher purpose and calling. 

Currently completing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology through the University of Regina and concurrently a Certificate in Reconciliation Studies through the First Nations University of Canada, my commitment is always to show up in a greater capacity and be in service to my community. 

When we take care of ourselves, it ripples out and expands to our families, workplaces, and lives. This is a space to safely discharge the past without judgment, a place to be authentic, valued, seen, and heard. A place to deeply heal.

My love of the natural world brings me outside as much as possible spending time learning from the plants and animals around me and their approach to life. I began working with animals 28 years ago, which first opened me to the concept of healthy boundaries. From there it branched out to not only competing in multiple disciplines at a national level with my dogs, but a more profound understanding (and massive obsession) with our nervous system, how we socially co-regulate each other, and the impact of trauma on our behaviours, thoughts, and emotional expression. This became the foundation of my work for the last 12 years of being in service.

If you feel the pull, a desire to learn more and dig deeper, please reach out. I'd be honoured to discuss where you are now and where you'd like to be in your health, relationships, career, and life.

Let's Work Together

Relief. Supported. I always feel grounded and safe after a session.

The Breakthrough One Day Intensive and MER has helped me so much.

I've learned how to listen to my body and feelings, how to love myself, and know that I matter and I’m valued. Sometimes I feel I steer off the path, but I am able to recognize it now. I see when I’m starting to slip and how to get back into a positive mind space. 

I stand up for myself more now. I know I am loved and valued and don’t let negative thoughts impact me so much. 

- Kari 

Changemaker. You’ve had a significant positive impact on the lives of so many women.

I have been dealing with the impact of traumas on my life for more than two decades. Working with Rosalie on two Breakthroughs and multiple Body Mind Wellness sessions has helped me to work through these traumas so that they don’t have as tight a grip on my life. My overall mental, emotional, and physical health have improved significantly so that I am no longer triggered nearly as much as I used to be. I now have the tools in my toolbox to assess triggers and not allow them to thwart my well-being. 

It has changed my life for the better!

You are engaged and caring and so committed to your craft.

- Jessica

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