It's time to prioritize yourself.

Do it easily & effortlessly.

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It's time to prioritize yourself.

Do it easily & effortlessly.

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New Clients
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Reclaim your Mental + Emotional Well-Being Now

Joyful Living

More time spent in joy than putting out fires


Inward Gentleness

Give yourself the space and compassion to find you

Peaceful Pauses 

Move from a state of chaos and pain to relaxation and healing

Clarity & Momentum

Gain awareness and sync with the rhythms of life


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Feeling pulled in every direction at once?

Are you ambitious and big-pictured,
future-focused, and a master list creator, but constantly scheduled to the max and at the mercy of everyone else? It’s time to prioritize yourself.

Let's get you to where you want to be.

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Let’s get to it!

Your emotions are messengers.

I can help you move easily and effortlessly through the many seasons and cycles of life. Which season are you in now?

  • Strengthen relationships by improving self-awareness, communication, and healthy boundaries.
  • Achieve your ambitious dreams with sustainable steps and valuable resources.
  • Embark on a healing journey to release the past, break unhealthy patterns, and step into a new way of living.

Master your mind-set so you can achieve anything your heart desires.

More about Me
Working with Rosalie is about finding your BEST self.

A huge transformation was overcoming ongoing procrastination and being hampered by that.

I began to get a lot more done and got my daily life in better order. I plan ahead a lot more and don’t feel the stress of looming deadlines and anxiety.

Her work can be spiritual and healing. It encompasses body, mind, and soul to a great extent.



One of my break through moments was realizing the power of BodyTalk and how interconnected the body and mind truly are.

When people ask why I go to Bodytalk, I compare it to going to the gym to exercise their body, but they seldom do anything for their mind. In my opinion, the mind is just as, if not, more important than the body. Mental health and well-being is a real thing!



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Meet Rosalie and explore next steps in your life path.


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Refine the connection to your inner self and get to the root of stuck emotions, limiting mindsets, and gently process trauma.


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Prioritize yourself, experience clarity, and encounter your authentic self. Uproot patterns & cycles that keep you from living a fulfilled life.

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